Mother, you have been long gone, but you are still here with me. Your personal objects keep your love, warmth and memories alive. You keep inspiring me every day. (Ongoing Project)

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Project Description

Your ring

Your ring: father offered it to you, when you gave birth to me.

Your neckless

Your neckless: from your mother, my grandmother, that you wore almost every day.

Your lipstick

Your lipstick: I never used it in 28 years in order to keep your smell.


Your swimsuit: you loved to swim especially at the Island of Oléron on the Atlantic coast, where your father comes from, my grandfather.  

Your letters

Your daily routine: the many letters you wrote every day to your beloved ones, with your coffee and the obligatory piece of chocolate. 

Portrait with you

Your age: it has been already 28 years, that you are gone. Today I have your age when you passed away, 37.